February 9, 2009

words that inspire

On the inside of my kitchen cabinets, I often place various quotes that inspire. Right now:

"Things which matter the most
must never be at the mercy
of things which matter the least." Goethe

"Though I am always in haste,
I am never in a hurry,
because I never undertake more work
than I can go through with calmness of spirit." John Wesley

Balance is when someone~
  • senses a call on his life and says yes even when he feels unqualified
  • says no to something he's not called to, even though he might disappoint others
  • guards and protects her time with the Lord
  • refuses to allow food to become an idol
  • gives himself the gift of exercising several times per week
  • refuses to succumb to a busied, harried lifestyle
  • gives herself (and her children) enough time to get out the door
  • pushes himself beyond what's comfortable for the purpose of growth
  • is teachable and flexible
  • practices self-control
(from Focus on the Family magazine, Marcy 2007)

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