November 22, 2008

the pillow, part 2

{continuing thoughts from our church's women's retreat :: part one is here}

As I had mentioned before, I want to introduce that in the middle of this situation, Jesus had learned to juggle. Why relate it to juggling? And what does this have to do with our Lord?

To understand and accomplish the art {with balls, bowling pins or in living life}, one has to accept three realities:

Juggling Reality #1 :: there is always a ball up in the air--a.k.a.--things that are not ours to do. I want to believe that Christ was able to find a pillow of rest because he embraced the fact that He couldn't be everything to everyone and do everything all at once. So, someone else was going to have to steer the boat, manage the voyage, feed the crew, whatever. At that time, it wasn't his responsibility or task to take on. The priority was for his physical rest.

Juggling Reality #2 :: you are always releasing a ball--a.k.a.--letting something go. Jesus had been teaching all day Scripture tells us, and in the Mark passage it specifically states that he 'left the crowd behind'. He released the task of instructing the masses, even though it was very good and worthwhile. The time had come to let it go. What if they wanted to hear more? Couldn't He share another parable, how difficult or time-consuming would that be? But, the answer was no, it was time to move on.

Juggling Reality #3 :: you are always taking hold of a ball--a.k.a.--what you need to be doing at the time. Our Savior obviously took hold of the next thing he needed to do after leaving the crowd, which was to rest--upon a pillow {I just love that!}. But also after a time of respite, when his friends had brought him from a state of REM to wakefulness, Jesus arose and did the next task He set out for him :: calming the storm. He didn't ask for more sleep or curl back up to rest on....he woke up and fulfilled his purpose for that moment. Wow, the truth of that is simple powerful!

So what of us? Well, the same principles apply in life I believe. For myself, it's a daily journey of releasing and also realizing what is not in my control or sphere of influence at a particular time; and then taking hold of what I am to be about that day. Other times I step back and look at the bigger picture, let's say a season of my life, to see what God may be saying about the three realities:

'Daniele, my child, here is what you need to release right now; not forever, but right now...'
'My daughter, this season, here is your purpose--take hold of it and run!'
And He whispers often to me {or shouts since I've demonstrated spiritual stubbornness more than once}--'There are some areas you must realize are under my Spirit's control, not yours.' or another one--'You're going to allow someone else do this'.

Lessons in juggling. Life lessons, hard lessons at times.
But our Savior demonstrated it well :: and in that He found rest.

On a pillow no less!
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