November 21, 2008

peace, power and a pillow

I did say I would write a bit about our women's retreat last weekend, right?'s a little difficult to take an entire weekend and sum it up into one post! A few highlights on the topic itself~~

Mark 4: 35-41

Right away I noticed three aspects in the story

Jesus brought peace to the situation
He demonstrated power and authority
He was sleeping on a cushion (some versions say a pillow)

It was the last one that really caught my attention though the story has been read and heard on numerous occasions. In fact, I found that fact quite comical! Before you think me sacrilegious, I should explain that my mind works in pictures :: so when I read something--anything--pictures or even a full scale movie of the text is immediately formed in my head. Sound, lights, action! Yep, I know you're thinking it's odd. Weird even. I fully agree with you.

So, here are the disciples and Jesus on this boat. The Master slips off and his chosen friends take care of readying themselves for travel and other necessary preparations for voyage across the lake. And then a serious storm arises.

And while I believe He was aware of the situation, Jesus was physically at rest. Sleeping--on a soft pillow or cushion no less! Everyone is fretting and concerned, which was completely the appropriate response as they knew their lives were in danger, and our Savior is sleeping :: resting :: pausing.

While there are many applications to be drawn from this account, I shared what struck me the most. Christ made it a priority to rest, even in the middle of this situation. Somehow, he was able to find a pillow and take a nap :: and to continue His rest while the storm carried on {remember, they had to wake Him up}.

How could He do that? What was His secret?

I'd like to present the idea that Jesus had learned to juggle.
Uh, huh. Juggle.

{to be continued later today....}

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