November 13, 2008


The December issue of Martha Stewart Living just arrived to my home and the cover alone has me wanting to go straight to the kitchen to start baking. This magazine subscription was a great gift and while I don't attempt too much, holiday creating is usually a fun pursuit. I will definitely be cooking and making some of the crafts.

But first, I have a women's retreat this weekend to finish packing up for :: and details to attend to for that and for home. It will be exciting to be away with these great ladies from our church!--our time together is always such fun and inspiring as well. The theme I planned for this year is 'Peace, Power and a Pillow' based on the account of Jesus calming the storm.

I won't say much more because there are some readers {and lurkers!} who I'll be with this weekend. So, I'll post a little next week.

Oh, I hope I can wait until Saturday to look at that magazine.....

{stop & notice beauty this weekend :: and give gratitude for it :: enjoy}
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