January 13, 2008

Unveiling Gratitude

I titled this post as such because I think that gratitude and the 'want-to' of being a more grateful person is really in me, however, it needs the covers to be pulled back, rediscovered...unveiled. The daily practice of noticing the good and the blessings around me I must admit is a little rusty at best. I'm not a complainer, but neither are my words laced with gratefulness on a regular basis for what I have.

I want to change that.

So I begin the journey of recording one thousand gifts in my life. As they happen, as they come. Not for the purpose of following a fad or just to fill space in this corner of cyber world. But so that I can first notice them more intentionally and then tuck them away to be remembered and reviewed in the future.

It's been said that Mama is the heart of the home. If so, it's my desire that our home be filled with gratitude....and I'm beginning with this heart.

gratitude today expressed for:

1. a wonderful brunch meal shared with my husband
2. fresh perspective on the everyday life, can't wait to begin reading

3. time crafting with friends, laughter & creativity flowing

the journey will continue...
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