January 23, 2008

Two Home Runs!

I (Janelle) am not even a baseball fan, but just wanted to post about the absolutely GREAT news in my life! First, last Saturday, I participated in the county's 4th/5th grade homeschool spelling bee--and won second place! After 27 rounds of words--ten of those rounds being between the winner and myself--the word 'saucer' finally stumped me a little and I heard the ding of the bell meaning that it was not spelled correctly (If you must know, I inserted an 's' instead of a 'c'). But, let's not focus on what I did wrong....

I won second place! And, I heard that last year the bee ended at round 11, so this was a great showdown.

But that's not all! On the same day, I went to audition at a local theatre for a part in the upcoming show 'Schoolhouse Rock, Jr.' To say that I was nervous is a big understatement, but I had practiced my monologue and song a bunch of times. In I went and at the end, the director told me "Terrific job, Janelle! You will definitely be getting a callback...we'll give you a phone call in a few weeks to explain details of the show."


All of the work (which I sometimes complained was boring & hard) of practicing during the fall paid off....woohoo!! I cannot wait to be on stage.

So, there is my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day! (can YOU spell that without looking?)
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