January 10, 2008

A New Cookbook!

Okay, I rarely buy a cookbook. I spend hours in a year pouring over them at the bookstore, they get checked out of the library, I borrow and copy down recipes or print off of the internet. I love cookbooks and could make a collection of it. Especially when they have glossy pages with large pictures of the recipes, which gives me the gotta-make-it-right-now feeling. Ummm, delish!

So I recently checked out Barefoot Contessa's Family Style out of the library and knew it was a keeper. How can one resist the idea of making penne with five cheeses or chive biscuits? I've always enjoyed looking through her books, but this is just one that had so many ideas, comments and oh, recipes! that I will be thrilled to try out. A quick stop here and then I'm waiting for my own copy to arrive; in the meantime, the one I have is getting renewed.

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