July 2, 2009

quiet moments

Once again, my husband has arranged a time of respite for his bride.  A time where the primary purpose is to soak up some quiet, rest, and enjoy activities without the hustle and bustle of little ones.  Not that I mind them of course.

So my faithful protector packed up the children {wait, I did that!} and left three days ago for a trip up north to visit his parents.  Nana & Grandad were thrilled and big sister Jackie was surprised; all in all I’ve heard the trip has been good.  They’re due home tonight.

And me?  Yes, the quiet has been good, though being home instead of leaving didn’t quite put me in the restful mode.  Oh, I slept in & took several naps, enjoyed leisurely walks & times of spiritual reflection.  Then shopping for post-baby Mama clothing was on the list.  Also baby items needed to be washed; and our second girl goes off to her first overnight camp next week…so just a few tasks to do as preparations are made.



While extended time alone is very appreciated, I am aware of the efforts made by both my husband and myself to make sure that everyday life doesn’t become so jam-packed that we do not rest.  Our Lord commands us to make room for respite on a regular basis and in the past year we’ve made more efforts to bend towards this mandate. 

There are areas of growth needed and we keep those before us.  I am so glad however that our home life & ministry life, as very full as it is, does not overcrowd unnecessarily.  This pursuit of rest must be a deliberate choice, and it is at times difficult to tame the tyranny of the urgent.  We actually have to work at making sure there is time to rest!  But it is important to us…and to the Lord.  So we move in this direction seeking wisdom often on how to juggle it all.  He is so faithful to answer!

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