July 29, 2009

a bit of this and that

:: baby should be here soon—in the next week, and it feels that the days are crawling by. we only make plans on a day by day basis, trying to pass the time. soon!

:: need a boost about how truly awesome God is? watch the ‘awe factor of God’ video at this website and then listen to a song about how indescribable He is! our family was inspired to praise—the heavens declare the glory of this God!

:: after having some most enjoyable times with my children, my husband & I went out last evening for some alone moments. wow, I forget how great it is to eat dinner without the need to serve seconds to anyone, calm sibling squabbles, or teach manners to little ones. sitting by the river, feeling peace-filled & content…very nice.

:: I’ve updated the ‘enjoying’ section of my sidebar…totally random, but worth noting I guess.

hoping that your week is full of activities that bring joy to your spirit!

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