July 12, 2009

a tea party for my girl



DSC_0023 Not long ago, I decided to host a special time alone with each of the children before the babe arrives.  The main purpose would be to share in an activity that they enjoy :: and to affirm them, their upcoming role in welcoming a new sibling, and simply to just savor the moment.  It did not take me long at all to think up an idea for our six-year old…a grand tea party at an exquisite garden near our home.  She was thrilled.

This week we packed up our very finest tea ware, hot water & tea bags, some shortbread cookies we had made (I only took a few teeny bites seeing that gestational diabetes doesn’t allow for much more), and new tea stamps & supplies to enjoy—a gift originally for Mama, but one to be shared during this special time. 


The tea party skirt, as we call it, was a must for the event.  A bit of material sewn up in this style, and some precious ribbon found…um, well…at an online shop based in Portugal.  Yes, the ribbon was shipped from Portugal!  It was just too cute & I knew my girl would love it.  I was right.


DSC_0042 When we arrived home later that evening, her father asked about our time.  The reply?

“It was the BEST tea party we ever had Daddy!  The very, very best!”

I agree sweetie, I agree.

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