March 26, 2008

It's Out of the Bag

or actually out of the file folder where it's been for a year.

It's my Spring Cleaning list. Believe it or not, I actually don't mind cleaning and though there is not a huge fanfare around the event, I don't mind the work of clearing out cabinets, wiping down walls, etc...yep, there is some joy in it for me.

So if I'm feeling better tomorrow and the next day, tackling the kitchen is the first priority. Here's the cleaning that would be nice to have done:
  • windowsills and windows
  • light fixture above the table
  • top, outside & inside of fridge
  • wipe down outside of cabinets, all chairs & sides of table/table legs
  • baseboards
  • wipe down walls (Mr. Clean sponges make this a cinch!)
  • vacuum curtains & then wall corners for cobwebs
  • tidy up inside of cabinets (these have already been decluttered)
  • inside of stove (already done since it's new!)
  • vacuum & wash carpets, put out to dry
Wow. I'm a little tired just writing it down. But usually once I get started, I'm fine.

Anyone else doing some spring cleaning?

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