March 7, 2008

100 Days!

Well, plus a few more...about two weeks ago, I (Jordyn) celebrated the finishing of my number line to the 100th day of school! We celebrated with several activities including counting out 100 legos to build something and filling a hundred board with Fruity Cheerios. My brother happily ate while I worked.

Mommy asked me what I would buy with $100.00 and I answered: "If I had 100.00, I would have it. Then I would buy 15 plates. Then I would put the rest of the money in my purse to keep." Sounds like a good plan, right?

Then Mommy asked if I could have 100 of anything, what would I like. I answered: "I would like 100 cards so I could write to Nana and Grandad and Mimi and Popi."

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