October 1, 2010

after the rains

Our little area of the state received a downpour yesterday :: in a matter of hours there was significant flooding that caused schools to release children earlier in the day, evening activities to be cancelled.

Oh, the rain! A part of nature’s course :: often anticipated and sometimes dreaded.

Yet we need the rains to come…



Rains in our lives as well are needed.  Can we ever really embrace this truth?  That consistently bright sunny days are not the best for us—eventually the air becomes too dry, then parched. 

We need the rain.  In its many forms rains come as an unwelcome trial, a disappointment, a call to even greater Sabbath rest, a challenge from within or from without :: the clouds become a little darker and full and…

the rains come.




The rain is for our growth, for our good though we’ve been tricked into believing that we must resist it.

Temptation is to be resisted.  Not growth. 

And the rain experiences of life will cause us to be nourished if we allow the process to fully come around.  God is faithful and will not disappoint, even if we shake our fist at the rain.  Because sometimes, it’s just hard not to.

Then afterwards…oh, the promise of afterwards!  The sun peeks out from behind trees and clouds…

DSC_0001And shines again! 


enjoy a lovely weekend…..

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