August 26, 2010

school days again!

Our homeschool year is underway, starting with 1/2 days in August, slowly adding subjects and we’re about to head full scale next week.  Exciting days, the first days of schooling.  New supplies, fresh curriculum choices, a Mama full of ideas for the year, children thrilled with the plans ~ we’re experiencing it all and soaking it in (because there will be days we will not all be so happy, but let’s not focus on that right now okay? :)

Each year we prayerfully consider the focus and direction for each child, including also what God is speaking to us as a whole family.  Homeschooling (and in general all parenting regardless of school choice) takes this kind of discernment ~ to step back and evaluate where you’re headed and how to get there.

Last spring several things happened that caused us as parents to pause and take notice:: our kiddos as a group were becoming captivated by one main subject ~ the world we live in.  Books on the topic were read, maps were being drawn, a talking globe received as a present was played with quite often (so often it got a bit annoying at times!), and questions were asked by a certain almost 12-yr old which led to some great conversations about people groups, resources available to those people, missionaries, etc.

So we had a ‘aha’ moment when thinking through the plans for this year ~ let’s travel the world!  Alright, not literally, but through our year :: let’s learn more about the people of the world, the customs & culture of various countries, the music, language, weather and similarities or differences compared to our own.  To say that I was pumped about the idea is an understatement.  And so, I decided to write our own curriculum :: hurray!



After only about a few days of research last May, it became apparent that this was not the season to take on such a task.  We were and still are in transition as a family and I had just written some of last year’s curriculum ~ a break was definitely in order.  Sooo….the hunt for what we would use became the focus and we landed on a wonderful, wonderful choice :: Winter Promise’s Children Around the World.  Let me tell you, this could not be a better fit!

Having never used a boxed curriculum before, I was concerned if this would flow with my style of teaching, a very odd mix of Charlotte Mason likeness, unschooling (yes, I’m admitting to this!) and some classical ed thrown in for good measure, so weird I know.  While we have firm & even ‘high’ academic goals, our approach is much different & more relaxed than that of conventional schooling since we’re focusing on other aspects of our children as well :: so far, it’s working beautifully. 

However, my qualms are settled about an all-in-one curriculum and I am very appreciative of the fact that everything is set up for me including lessons plans for both girls and age-appropriate assignments :: yes!  We’ve added math and a little extra language/grammar focus, that’s it.   All else will be through this geography curriculum.


We are having SO much fun already!  Being from a Christian perspective, Children Around the World also focuses on missionary work past and present, how to specifically pray for areas of our world and much more.  All of the books (lots of great books!) and materials (journals, maps, worksheets, etc.) were included :: I am grateful indeed. 

It’s going to be a fabulous year!  I’ll be sure to write more….

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