August 16, 2010

right now

8:00 p.m. Monday eve

I’m supposed to be packing for a trip away for several days :: off to another big city to explore the sites, including days at my parent’s home where I plan to fully enjoy the fact that I don’t have to cook!

But, packing isn’t happening…willing my clothes (and the rest of the family’s) to simply just jump into bags.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Instead, I’m thinking about ~

:: purchasing an ice cream maker soon since there are so many issues with dairy in our home and the substitutes are a bit expensive.  my girls have promised to be in charge; hmmm…we’ll see.

:: making a felt playhouse for the boys’ Christmas present~ this idea has me very excited at the moment, but really, that excitement needs to last several more weeks before I actually say ‘yes’!


:: I was thinking of making these orange cup cinnamon rolls for the first day of school, but we’ve already had that.   So, maybe when we return, we’ll have them for the 11th day?

:: I’m reminding myself again of a healthy perspective on lamenting (versus complaining)

:: also reading again through the daily seven for household management ~ simple & good!


Okay, right now…I DO have to pack up a few items!!  Especially the hat I’m knitting (as seen in the header) and the camera.  All else?  Well, I hope they find their way into our bags…..

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