April 14, 2010



A photo & post from the archives, a daily lesson reminder~

This is my youngest daughter, one winter years ago, looking outside of our glass door desperately desiring to be on the other side participating in the big world outdoors, no matter how blustery. She had been there for a while (if you look closely, you'll see her breath on the pane).

Yep, this picture for me probably sums up a life lesson on motherhood.

Taking time with my little ones, and my not so little ones, while they are still on this side of the glass pane so to speak--with me, close by, within my reach--before they leave and go out to the other side.

To create their own worlds and homes.

I'm not too sure what the weather will be or what life may hold for them, but the opportunity to bring them near and prepare their hearts and minds for the future is a precious gift not taken lightly.

And one that I’m seeking to fully enjoy.



This post is part of High Calling Blogs prompt, capturing life lesson reminders in a photo.

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