April 26, 2010

after the weekend

It’s been busy around these parts…time spent planning and such for a women’s retreat our church hosted this weekend, and what turned out to be a super wonderful experience! :: I’ll be reflecting for days to come.

But when all is said and done on such a project, I usually spend a day or two ‘roaming’, with  no particular agenda in mind.  Yesterday’s rainy weather was perfect for~

                                         victoria victoria2

:: stepping back into time.  The Young Victoria was released last week and it was placed into my Netflix account to be delivered this weekend (in time for my retreat after The Retreat!).  It’s okay, but the made-for-TV Victoria & Albert from 2001 was much, much better!

:: dreaming of strawberry season and wanting to make a version of these parfaits

:: admiring this square foot garden~beautiful!

:: making plans to host a shrimp boil early this summer…and maybe later in the summer as well!  Yum.

Most of all, there was lots of hot tea, conversations with my spouse & best friend (the same person!) and listening to children’s adventures while I was away for the day. 


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