April 5, 2010

extraordinary grace


fullness from the weekend ~ the grace gifts ::

Good Friday observance with church family, little ones & big ones, young & old all remembering together

songs of praise—He is risen!

family togetherness, quiet afternoons

DSC_0014DSC_0102a new Passover meal tradition! new life cakes…cupcakes in a planting pot!

so very grateful for a husband who understands and allows for my bursts of creativity :: ideas that must come to pass…now! please run to the store to purchase a few terra cotta pots? thanks much hon

children excited once again for celebrations that mean much to our family

Passover candles shining & reminding of His light

DSC_0103little boy breathing easier after last week’s asthma attack

his parents breathing easier too, so grateful to stay out of the hospital

sweet sibling comfort offered to this little brother, prayers said


holy experience

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