March 4, 2010

seven things about me

Beautiful_Blogger_Award[1] Tracey over at In Word Adorning gave me a blog award (thanks!!) and asks that I list seven things about me, so here goes~

:: I am wordy. I really TRY to say it, write it, share it all in a smaller amount of words, but it just doesn’t work that way. This post will probably get longer as you read.

:: I LOVE to read. Love, love, love to read and therefore I own a ton of books, but not as many as I would like. When my children move on, their rooms will be converted into mini libraries (joke….I think.)

:: I am super passionate about several things, but mostly about children—my own and those around the globe. The care of, the education of (whatever form that is in) and the raising of these gifts from God. I hope to always be an advocate for children in some way.

:: I sometimes dream about being a doula. Or a midwife, but that’s too much responsibility.

:: I am the type of girl who will bust out laughing in the middle of dead silence at something that happened yesterday. Or last year.

:: I am an introvert and at times rather shy. I definitely enjoy being around people & having fun, but feel most refreshed having spent time alone.

:: I could be happy living in the big city or on a large farm—really. Both are appealing in various ways. I know—I’m confused.

Okay! I’ll pass this on to anyone who wants to participate!

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