March 22, 2010

gratitude comes softly


it’s hard to see the good. when life’s messes flow freely and the grace always present is flooded by it all.

grace gifts can be hard to spot in murky waters.

but He who is grace, who rises above the flood, is here. and while gratitude does not always come with loud claps of excitement or with shouts…gratitude is what He deserves.


for laughter :: spouse to spouse, side-splitting, tear-inducing laughter

make-up smudges on little girl’s face from use of Mama’s things

sunshine and rain, both needed and appreciated

a girl proud of improvement in math skills

brothers snuggling together

phone calls from my sister, encouraging & uplifting

short words that sit long in my heart

bike rides long-awaited, finally it’s time

butterfly kisses from little ones

spiritual energy renewed

holy experience

photo credit

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