March 29, 2010

on being twice-born

the first birth :: gratitude for

the hope of new life sustaining pain suffered,

underneath the messy coating of birth fresh beauty never seen before

anticipation settled,

joy unexplainable…


Is this how you reflect upon my birth, precious Lord? Oh, not just the first time :: years ago when I physically entered this arena for life on earth. But the second birth, the one that ties me eternally to You.

Did thoughts of new life coming to your people—the opportunity for fresh relationship—keep you from fleeing the pain of the cross?

Even in the bloody mess did You anticipate salvation settled once and for all?

~ ~ ~

Oh, how I thank you for my second birth! I pause and give gratitude for…

no longer being separated, but connected

Your sacrifice taking my place, making a way

sins lifted, grace given

joy unexplainable…

holy experience

photo of my youngest son, moments after birth (August 2009)

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