March 20, 2009

home life thoughts

Not sure if second trimester energy has kicked in {which I really believe is taking forever to appear!} or the arrival of 70 degree weather earlier this week, but the past several days have been full of cleaning, sorting, decluttering and the like. Home life for me lately has been centered on moving our belongings around in order to gain more space. And it's working.

It's amazing how much peace can come from knowing where things are and from simplifying. Our shelves, cabinets and closets are not necessarily empty, that's not my goal--with 6, soon to be 7 individuals of varying ages sharing space, homeschooling books and supplies, craft items and room for creativity, and all of the kitchen paraphernalia, clothing, etc.---well, it gets full!

But it also gets used. The vision here is that we keep the items we use on a regular or seasonal basis and to get rid of the rest. Ahhh, home organization!

Happy 1st day of Spring & if you're up to a bit of cleaning and sorting yourself, enjoy the fruit of your efforts!
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