September 17, 2010

pen to paper :: from the heart

I am humbled and quite thrilled to share the release of a new book!  Thrilled because of the purpose of this project, a gathering of authors who write for charity to benefit the sickest of children.  Humbled because a few words I’ve penned (well, typed) are included in the book…an honor indeed.


From the Heart, A Collection of Stories and Poems from the Front Lines of Parenting tracks some of the funniest, the hardest and the most phenomenal moments of this journey called parenting.  A collaborative effort of many authors, all proceeds from the sale will go to support children’s hospitals and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Center.

Beth Davis, the editor and also founder of the organization Write for Charity, had a desire to make a difference in the lives of children after learning that her youngest daughter needed surgery.  The idea of writing a book for charity was born and the search for authors began in earnest through magazines, the blogsphere and writer’s groups around the country—through several months and over 300 submissions later, From the Heart was born.

Currently this collection of stories and poems is only available for sale through the organization’s website in order to control costs and donate more to charity :: after October, this release of close to one hundred different stories sharing perspectives on parenting, will be available through other venues such as Amazon and bookstores.


My heart has always been for the needs of the youngest among us, my own children and those who need an advocate.  It’s my life’s work really and I’ll try to be a voice in whichever way possible.  To have some words included in a project that echoes this vision is humbling, an honor and a small way to remind others of the little ones around them.  I am eagerly awaiting my copy as parenting encouragement is needed & appreciated by this Mama!

Feel free to share the word by grabbing a button :: find the list of authors here.

All contributors (graphics, editors) and authors have donated their time and work :: proceeds, outside of printing costs, are all to be donated.

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