July 14, 2010

found a name

I think I’ve found it.

My grandma name :: one that fits me and one that my children’s offspring will hopefully enjoy calling me.

But before that grand announcement {no pun intended!}, I have to tell you that I’ve completely obsessed about this.  Even in the middle of tossing emotions, as the thought of becoming ‘grandmother’ to some little person hit me, I would starting thinking of a name.  What are they all going to call me?

I thought of just allowing little Isaiah to name me and set the tone for future grandchildren :: but then my husband went ahead and chose his own name. 


Great.  Now I felt the need to choose one too!  So I obsessed a bit more…{by this I mean that Google became a near & dear friend for several days; alright, that is a slight exaggeration}

Then one morning out of the blue, a name popped into my head.  Nia.  Nia (pronounced nee-ah).

Ooooh, I liked it.  Short, cute, sweet and yet I can imagine it growing with me.  I wrote it out, whispered it often and matched it up with grandpa’s choice.  Papa and Nia.  Nia and Papa.  Yep, this was a keeper.

True to my personality, knowing it was a choice for a girl’s name (though I’ve never met anyone with the name), I looked it up to be sure it didn’t have an odd meaning.  And that discovery sealed the deal ~


Origin and Meaning of the Name Nia :: radiance, brightness; also from a Swahili word meaning purpose.


Oh, I seriously hope Isaiah likes it too.


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