May 11, 2009

tender ties

{thank you so much for the prayers & encouragement! this little one continues to stay put and the pregnancy relieved of contractions. we rejoice!}

Mother’s Day reflections~

He bounces onto the bed, all 41 pounds of this exuberant three-year old nearly crashing into my belly. “Happy Mother’s Day!” spoken in a growly whisper that only a mother could appreciate. “Daddy told me to say that!!”

At least he’s obedient. For now.

She floats in next, light & airy in complete ballerina style, and sprawls out her six-year old frame next to me. Yawn. Another yawn. “You will like your gift Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.” Her tone & demeanor clue me into the fact that she probably would have appreciated the extra minutes of sleep. We embrace tightly, the only kind of hugs she is capable of.

I wait a bit and yes, here she comes. Mind set on the task at hand—Mom is to be celebrated today, no reservations. Inside I chuckle at this ten-year-old’s seriousness, one that I fully understand and can relate to. I beat her to any words and we banter back & forth about the day’s plans, how she spent her evening of sleep. “Are you happy you’re a mother?” Oh serious, I tell you. Very, very deep this child. I assure her that this vocation, this calling, brings me great joy.

My spouse watches in observation. Cards are opened :: much laughter & merriment. Church attendance, a full lunch. Naps, Mama included.

Communication with my oldest, who has recently moved further north. Could I have guessed long ago that love & appreciation would come in the form of text messages & voicemails from this out-of-high-school & into-the-world-beyond young lady? “Sorry your card is late Mom! It should be there soon!” I trust that’s true.

Oh, the fullness. Even the little babe to come celebrated by keeping me up most of the night with persistent kicks & jabs.


And I think of the ties to my children—once envisioned as strong cords, perhaps rope-like, wrapped around them and me. And I found this Mother’s Day wondering if that’s really the best picture :: probably better describing a marriage covenant? The bond is strong, no doubt about it. The intensity of love, devotion, care & concern for them…it’s all there. But motherhood has in the past few years taught me that the ties are tender.

Almost spider-web like in it’s delicate nature.

My children are with me for a small window of time really. The extension of myself, this journey of motherhood, is much about release. The opportunity to weave for them a web, if you will, a place & purpose in our family is big…but not the only goal. The home we form is their temporary incubation period, albeit very vital to who they become.

But I am preparing them for another place and bit by bit teaching them how to weave a web of their own, for their future offspring…and on & on it goes for generations to come. God’s delicate design. Strong, yet loose. Tough and tender, all at the same time. May my heart flow with the process and not resist His plan.

Oh Lord,

sanctify and prosper my domestic devotion, instruction, discipline, example.

that my house may be a nursery for heaven…enriched with trees of righteousness of thy planting…

for thy glory. {excerpt from Valley of Vision}

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