May 5, 2009

pregnancy update

The weeks have been moving along, this being week 27 and all going well until several days ago when I began to experience contractions.  At first I just thought that perhaps my household organization and cleaning needed to be tailored back and so I rested & took a break.  But, it became quickly apparent over the next day that this was not just a simple tightening of the belly.  By early last Saturday a.m., my husband and I found ourselves at the hospital to stop the consistent contractions that had not relented.  After an ultrasound, there were clearly more concerns than just putting my feet up would take care of.

My physician, who I really do appreciate so much, began talking about an early delivery and preparing my body for that reality.  I was completely taken aback.  My spouse had insisted the call in to the doctor while I had thought that staying home and resting would do the trick…submission won out and thankfully so.  We were both shocked :: we prayed, I cried.

I was sent home with instructions to call again if the contractions returned again with a consistent pattern (my body had responded well to the first dose of medication).  Sunday a.m. came and the contractions continued though at a bit slower pace.  “Well, I’m going to church since no one told me to stay put!”  And there we experienced the power of congregational prayer and the beauty of believers standing in the gap with you—a precious memory.

Sunday evening I was still a bit anxious, but feeling confident that God is in sovereign control.  There were strong contractions but not steady, so bedtime found me trying to find a comfortable position to sleep.  About 2 a.m. Monday I woke up with the realization that my body, this growing belly, was calm.  Peaceful.  Restful for the first time in four days. 

And the peace continues.  The contractions have not returned and I give praise with my whole being.  For what He has done, yes…but also for who He is.    Give thanks to the Lord!!

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