September 13, 2007

It's a Fiesta!

Feliz Cumpleanos to me! That is "Happy Birthday" for those who haven't studied Spanish. My (Janelle) 9th BD slumber party was last weekend and this year I decided on a Mexican Fiesta theme. We had lots of fun doing the Hat dance, swinging at our chili pepper pinata, eating at the taco bar, playing loteria (the Spanish version of lotto), and making clay bead necklaces. One game we did was a relay race where we carried pinto beans on a wooden spoon--talk about hard!
Mom and I made several tissue paper flowers to decorate & then we also cut the bottom of paper cups, & then hung them on some yarn for a garland effect. I was happy with the results and Mom was happy with the price. We stayed up very, very late! Jackie had the 10p.m. to 1 a.m. shift and then we had a mandatory lights out. But of course that didn't keep us from giggling and talking for a little longer. I had friends from church, our homeschool group, and also our neighborhood. A special guest was my mentor friend Crystal. She's in her 20s and married and has been to each of my BD parties since I was 4. I was in her wedding 2yrs ago.
After all my friends left the next morning, I went shopping with Mom to spend gift $$ from my Mimi & Popi (Mom's parents). Whew! Between a party in CT with my Nana & Grandad (yep, Dad's parents) the weekend before and this slumber party, I think I've celebrated my birthday in style!

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