September 11, 2007


sweet little old Jackie
Hello folks! I'm the head of the group here at Westgate, though I'm attending another institution of learning at this point. :o) Hooray! for my senior year which consists of a half day of school and a half day of working at my father's office. I'm enjoying the work...ahem, *cough*...well, yes...the money as well. This year a big goal is to dig deep into my language studies--French 4 and Spanish 5. I also recently did an orientation to volunteer at our local crisis pregnancy center. My responsibilities will include helping sort and stack clothes and diapers then also providing childcare while the moms are in class or counseling. Of course I'm always doing something with my family and/or friends!

Hi! I'll be quick because I'm much too busy to sit around and blog all day long. But, you'll hear from me often. This is my 3rd year with homeschool and I'm loving it! Outside of academics I enjoy soccer, piano, drama, sewing, ballet and reading, reading, reading. Playing with my siblings and coordinating my social schedule are top priorities. Gotta go...see ya!

It's me, Jordyn!

Hi there readers! I can't wait to be able to be able to read just like you, which is why I insisted that my mother include me into the program at Westgate this worked and here I am at my little desk. I am having soooo much fun so far and will have to let you know what all is going on around here (I'll tell you the good stuff). I enjoy Mom reading to me, coloring and cutting, play-doh, dressing up, cooking, eating and playing with my brother & sister. Tootles!

King Josiah

Hello everyone. I am King Josiah. And believe it or not, I'm in charge.

That's it, there is no more to say.

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