December 13, 2010

fun for the season :: popcorn & cranberry garland


As usual, there’s a need for me to prioritize the many ideas I had for crafts & projects this Christmas!  Naturally, the ratio of little ones to Mama definitely determines what those projects will be.  Ahem.  Additionally this year, our geography curriculum calls for many cultural celebrations of the Christmas season.


We have lots of plans, but they are not too complicated (at least I hope not)!

Cranberry and popcorn garlands were simple enough.  I heard that day-old popcorn works better than freshly popped (which we used) as it’s a little stiffer.  We also chose dental floss as a stronger & easier to work with alternative to thread.  For younger children, a tapestry needle is bigger and more blunt…and hopefully lessens the chance of pricking fingers!


An easy project and treat for the birds!

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