January 7, 2010

happy belated

New year that is.  Yes, it’s seven days into twenty-ten, but happy new year anyway.  I hope you’re off to a better start than I am!

Oh, don’t worry it’s really not that bad.  I’m just off to a really slow beginning, trying to accept that vacation mode is over.  I’m not quite there yet, though I need to be—see my dilemma?  In the back of my mind are the wonderful days surrounding the holidays; days where we slept in, roamed around in pajamas until mid-afternoon (seriously), played games, had little to no structure and overall had a blast!  The last two weeks were relaxing.  Being home and soaking in the comforts of all that represents was true bliss.

And now?

Now I need to get moving and fast!  So yesterday, I decided to check some fresh cookbooks out the library.

bread                                                photo by salt & chocolate

What?  Cookbooks have nothing to do with getting organized and doing my work?  Well, you’re most likely right…but they were the motivation needed.  Knowing I wouldn’t sit to browse through those books until some projects were completed, my plan worked perfectly.  The boys’ room is decluttered, laundry is being washed, meals have been thought through and I’ve actually cracked open the lesson planner to find out exactly what we’re supposed to be doing for homeschooling in January.  Oh, I still really need to get ‘in the zone’…really.  But at least it’s fun along the way.

So, happy belated new year!

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